You run a fabulous program and I would recommend it to EVERY parent without reservation looking for a basketball league for their kids.
Thanks for creating this opportunity for Aidan to participate and compete in such a professional and fun environment!
Your league was a blast and Aidan had a ton of fun the entire season!
So glad we hooked up with you guys.

Jon Laolagi

The boys are so incredibly excited to start the season, as are my husband and I.  Thank you for all you do!  You guys are such an amazing organization.

cassie williams

It's been a great league for our family and friends.  The experience and memories at Way2Go will always be special to all of us.

fred garcia

Mr. Sparage..I truly wanted to thank you for another great sports season--our 2nd with Way2Go!-- baseball for Sonny and Remy.They again had a blast and are still talking about all the games and highlights.I look forward to signing them up for future sports with your program. 


There is no other league like Way2Go Sports. It's a first class organization!



We had a blast!  Very well run league.  We will definitely be a part of it going forward.


Hi Randy,

I wanted to say thank you for everything you do to put this on for the kids.  It's so well organized and we had a great experience this season!


I will definitely share the registration info with my friends.  We have been so happy with your amazing organization.  Thank you for all that you do.


Way2Go! Is run by a commissioner who cares about kids, good sportsmanship, learning the game and quality experiences. Parents coach. There is healthy competition. All genders, ethnicities and socioeconomic players are welcome and can be seen thriving in this environment. A very positive experience.


Way2Go Sports is the best children’s sports league I’ve ever been involved with and that includes going back to my childhood.


Our family loves being with you at Way2Go, and both Colson and Jace are looking forward to Winter Basketball!

Thanks Again,

Danielle Lloyd


Thank you for all you do for our children and families! We are very much enjoying the memories we are making out there!!!


Thank you Randy for all the wonderful and exciting years as a part of Way 2 Go. You have an amazing program that gives so many the opportunity to learn. This year at least 3 of your past players made their high school teams. I'm looking forward to our youngest to become of age to play with Way2Go.

Valerie Steadman

Thank you for providing an arena for kids to get off electronics and participate in a lifestyle of health and sports! Thank you for giving every child a time to shine and a first taste of competition... Brody is hooked!

Take Care,



You've established a great sports program. Win or lose the kids always have so much fun. Thanks for all the great memories.

Lori & Dan

I put my son in Way2Go Sports for the basketball program three years ago. He has been improving his game and he's having a lot of fun along the way. Unlike the city of Santa Clarita's league, the rules of basketball are actually enforced and the referees are competent. That makes a huge difference in the quality of the games. The best part is, the kids get to play with their friends because there is no draft like there is with the city. Coaches can make up their own teams. The uniforms are high quality and the trophies are too.

E B.

I've been involved in youth sports for many years and I have to say that Way2Go Sports is the best youth organization I've seen. Randy does it the right way and emphasizes learning the games over "win at all cost!"

As a coach at this level I agree and emphasize learning the game, respecting your coaches, officials, opponents and teammates and having fun so the kids want to continue playing organized sports!

My 2 boys will continue to participate in Way2Go Sports until they age out!

Bruce T.

We have had our sons in Way2Go various sports for the last couple of years. The program has exceeded our expectations each season. We have been involved in youth sports for years and have found this program to be incredibly organized.

We highly recommend this program!

C M.

My oldest son has played basketball for 5 seasons with Way2Go and is currently playing flag football. My youngest son has played for two seasons (basketball and flag football). There are many companies in Santa Clarita that offer these two sports, but I would never consider another league. Way2go always has great coaches and the games are fun and very professional. Randy has always been helpful and accommodating. I always have a ton of questions and he's always been happy to answer them. I would recommend (and have recommended) Way2Go to anyone looking for a youth sports league that's fun for all ages and abilities

Brianna G.

I have been a part of many organizations and I have not found one to be as organized and caring as this one. Randy, the commissioner, is on site and there for all games. I have never been in a league where the owner is there for all events. I believe that says a lot to what this league is and it's comforting to know how accessible the owner is for all questions and concerns. We love Way2go!

Mackenzie L.

We love this program and very thankful it exists.

Mi Hee Chu

Hey Randy,

Just wanted to say Thank you for another great season! Pj had a blast. You run a great program and we feel blessed to be a part of it.

Thank you,


You do an amazing job with your program and I’m very appreciative of what you do.

The experience and memories you have provided for not just me and my family but all families is amazing and I thank you. Life lessons are being taught not just through losses but through wins as well. I pray that these kids one day realize the experiences you have allowed them to have through Way2Go sports.

Thanks again Commish

Monte Hollomon

Can’t wait to get the new team up and running! After watching my kids play in Hart’s Shetland, Pinto and Mustang divisions, I think Way2Go! offers the best opportunity for young players to become accustomed to the game and my family is delighted to be back.


Roman Rokita

Thanks for running such a remarkable league, Randy. Cole has loved every season he has been able to play with Way2Go!

Randy---I really enjoy you keeping this program running and the hard work you put into it. Justin enjoys doing Basketball with Way2go.


Jace is really enjoying his first season of basketball with Way2Go. We were up at Castaic with him for the previous 2 winter seasons, and this season is night-and-day different in many positive ways!

Thanks Again!

Danielle Lloyd

My 6 year old had such a great time! This was her first season of T-ball/coach pitch and I have never seen such kind, involved, and loving group of people. Randy, the Commissioner is absolutely amazing!!! His heart is in it 100% and it shows!

We will be back next season for sure 🙂

Hello Randy,

The boys had such a great time playing basketball in your league the first time around that we had to sign them up once again. We really enjoyed the Way2Go! Sports environment and are looking forward to this upcoming fall.

Thank you,


It's good to be back. Jake's been wanting to try basketball!

You always do such a great job with your league.


The "Original Nuttalls" Hahahaha...I like that!

Thank you Randy! Huge shoutout to Way2Go! Sports, amazing coaches and W2g families! We have been in awe for the last 5 seasons seeing how our kids and all the teams have grown. The best league in town.

Jeremy Ng Angeles


I want to thank you for the time you took to edit and post the pictures and videos of the games this weekend. As always, you hit a grand slam. I feel so blessed and proud to be part of your league.


I wanted to thank Randy Sparage for providing an outlet for me to share my love and passion for the game of basketball with my two sons �� ❤️. Way2Go! Sports has been a constant part of our lives since the league started in Dec 2012. It allowed my boys to fall in love with the game at such an early age, and gave me precious moments coaching them every week, that I will forever cherish.


Randy does a great job with this organization. He’s always there and you can tell he loves watching these kids play and grow. Wished we heard of way2go sooner.

Thanks for everything you do! I really appreciate the league you've put together. And I am grateful for how organized and fun it is!


Phil Cano

Absolutely a fantastic league for all ages. My boys started out in flag football, played basketball for multiple seasons and in the spring will now be trying out baseball. This by far is the most well polished league my children have ever played in. From Randy, the coaches to the ref's, we feel absolutely blessed to have this as a part of our children's childhood memories. Thank you Way 2 Go Sports. We look forward to many more years to come.

Kristi Carriveau

My nephew plays in Randy’s basketball league. The kids love their introductions more than playing ball. Randy makes each one feel like a superstar. It is the coolest thing!

Jon Georgio


What a fun and great day of basketball last night!

The introductions were a nice idea. The kids enjoyed it.

Thank you for a fun and exciting league.

Pernell L. Salinas

Dane is loving basketball and has already been claiming that he wants to do it in the winter with coach David.

Dane is just loving sports again.

Thanks for all that you do with your organization!!

Paul Jorgensen

I've coached basketball and softball with the City of Santa Clarita Youth Sports Office for several painful seasons. I finally decided to give Way2Go Sports a try. Randy is very good at what he does. The basketball league was the best experience I've ever had by far! The rules actually make sense and the refs actually know what they're doing! My son had so much fun and so did the rest of his team! Bottom line, the city stinks and Way2Go Sports provides a fun experience!

Frank F

Hello -

I am Austin Duenas' mom, Kara Duenas. Austin plays on the BULLS with coach Jay. We were turned onto your organization a year ago, and I can't thank you enough for the amazing coaches you have. Austin loves sports and we try to keep him in everything he likes (which is everything :-)) Luckily, we were placed on Coach Mike's team and I couldn't have asked for a better and talented coach.

The reason I am writing you is because you have one of the best organizations around the SCV area. We are lucky we found you. Because of this, we have met great families and friends.

So... this was a long winded e-mail to say keep it up, and I am so thankful for this great program.

To many more years!

Kara and Henry Duenas

Parents of Austin Duenas #24 on Bulls

Hi Randy,

Brandon had a great first basketball season. He loved it so much that he wants to keep playing!!

My boy has fallen in love with sports thanks to your league!




Asha is really beginning to fall in love with the sport and I give all the credit to coach Michelle…she’s amazing!

I’m very impressed with Way2go Sports and so happy take part in this wonderful organization.

Many thanks from the Leeb Family!


Thanks Randy for all you do for the kids in SCV!


This season was my daughter’s first time playing and she has fallen in love with the sport and wants to continue playing. My son (11 year old) is also now interested in playing after seeing his sister enjoy it so much.


I know you probably don't hear this enough, but you run a great program. I can only speak for my boy, but his skills are improving every season and he's having a lot of fun!

Great job!


Thank you for returning Quinn to Coach Mike. Quinn has grown SO much as a player!

We're all looking forward to a great winter season of fun and growth as well.

Thank you for all that you do!

Warm regards~

Colette C. Sims

Just so u know, we put our son in Way2Go! Sports last season, and it was the BEST experience! He had SOOO much fun and learned SOOOO much! He's going to be in Way2Go! Sports every season until he reaches the age limit! Lol I literally can't make one complaint about Way2Go! Sports! Absolutely loved it! So I guess we'll see you next season then!!


Hi Randy,

I'd like to thank you for another fun season. Brody is so excited on game day, and always runs into our bedroom fully dressed in his uniform! It's great to see. I appreciate what you do for these families and kids. You're a good man.


Hello Randy,

My daughter Brianna is currently playing for the Mets and even though this is our first year I just want to let you know that I am very happy with how you run this program and really like how you are involved and show up for the games every Saturday. No complaints!

My daughter is really enjoying her first experience playing on a team and I am very happy it is with your program.

We look forward for another great season during fall and wish that all goes as smooth as it has gone for us this season.

Once again, great job to you and Thank you.


Samantha Reyes

We have really enjoyed Way2Go Sports and are definitely spreading the word! Thank you Randy for this great organization for the kids to be able to do what they love and for the parents to have a chance to be involved. Robert had assisted Coach Pat in tee-ball and flag football and it has been a great experience for him as well.



Hey Randy,

We’ve had a fantastic season and the kids absolutely loved playing and learning the game!

Thank you so much for all that you do to make it happen!!!

Glynn and Noel

Hey Randy,

Thanks again for everything you do for the kids. All the parents were talking about how cool it is that the trophies are different each season. Taylin and Jayne also noticed their trophies were gender specific! You nail it on the detail with these kids! You are truly one of the good guys.

Best wishes!




You run a great program and we are thrilled to be a part of it! We look forward to our games and practices each week. Fox loves the camaraderie, the friendships, building his skillset, and has an all around love for the game and your program. I hope your league continues to grow and strive year after year. Seems like just yesterday we started with Way2gosports when Fox was just 4 years old, he'll be seven in the summer and showing no signs of slowing down. We look forward to the future and watching the kids grow and succeed and your league helps them do that.

Keep up the great work!


Matt & Deanna

Hi Randy,

It is really my honor to be able to coach such amazing kids in the best league in town. Way2go! Sports is the only league I would recommend for players and coaches alike! Thanks for an amazing season Randy.

Coach Stu

Hello Randy,

I will be coaching again. Thank you so much for all you do, I really appreciate you and your league. It brings tremendous joy to work with the kids.


So sad the season is over! Thank you again for creating a league where my boys can play together, learn the game, and feel successful. It was a great season, my favorite so far!

Thanks again randy. Now for some tball!

Such a great league for kids! Randy is the best commissioner as he always is making sure the kids are having a wonderful time, presenting good sportsmanship, and just simply having fun while learning various sports!

Kimberly Silvestro

It's true, I did cry! It was such a great moment and we are so proud! The look on his face when he made his first basket is something we will never forget. We are so thankful to have found such a wonderful organization and to have such an amazing experience with the Lakers. We look forward to many more seasons with Way2go! Sports. 🙂

Tina Listro

Hi Randy,

There has been a lot positive response from the parents and families that attended the game this past Sunday. From the line-ups and all the way to the medals has surprised everyone, especially the players. Out of the 4-5 leagues that my son has played on, Way2GoSports was by far the best experience we as a family ever had..


Ray R.


I remember the first time I saw a Way2Go flyer. My wife brought it home from the farmer's market that you happened to be at that day back before your first season kicked off. Since then, we haven't looked back. Coaching for the league has been some of the most fun I've had. Being a part of and watching my son and his peers grow into better players, teammates, and people is something I'll always cherish. A big thank you for all you do to provide this platform of play. Both the parents and the kids have made great friends and learned many lessons along the way. Way2GoSports has that personal touch that's so hard to find. I can't thank you enough. You make it easy and fun.

Thank you Randy!

Coach David Tucker


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you do to provide our kids with such a great league to play in. This league has become so much fun for our kids to play in and for us parents to watch and participate in as well. Each game this season was so fun and exciting and that was because you took the time and care to really make sure our teams were well matched up against each other. Looking forward to another great season this winter!

Thanks again!



My son Chase MacDowell played his very first tee ball game today with the Yankees and I just had to thank you for such a wonderful experience!! It was a great game and all of the kids had a lot of fun.

Thank you!

Hi Randy,

We are so excited.. We usually play at Hart but we have heard so many wonderful things about this organization we had to try it out!


Thank you for organizing such a wonderful league. Way2Go! Sports has been an unbelievable opportunity for me to spend quality time with my son and for him to meet so many new friends. Our family will be a part of Way2Go! Sports for many years to come.


Coach Roman

Hello Randy,

My son loves playing Basketball with Way2Go Sports. It's been a wonderful experience for our family. Keep up the great work!

Coach Mark



Connor absolutely loved basketball and Coach Rudy was great with the kids! Connor was originally going to do spring soccer, but was so disappointed when I told him the season was over, so he asked to switch sports and do basketball again. You run an excellent program!



We have loved Way2Go since our very first season, and I am nervous about Ryder outgrowing it! I know he will pass the torch on to Sutton, who will continue on with Tball - and eventually, the baby girl! I always tell everyone at school and beyond how amazing Way2go is, it is truly the best way to introduce your children to a life of loving sports and athletics. It has done WONDERS for Ryder, truly. Thanks Randy, we appreciate you.

Thank you, Randy.

Both the kids and us adults enjoyed the basketball practice and games. It gives me a lot of good memories. Looking forward to seeing you again!

Best Regards,